Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Brotherly Love

I promise that no one was injured in the making of this video! We just wanted to share what a day in the life of our boys was like. Now if it was Mason who got pounded by Cameron, he would have been crying immediately. I suppose that is a second child for you!

Snow in May!

We headed up to Pinetop for the long weekend for some relaxation and cooler weather! We certianly got much cooler weather than we expected as you can see from the pictures of Mason on the sled. It snowed at the cabin on Thursday and Friday, but warmed up and was beautiful for the rest of our time there. We really did enjoy the extreme weather because it gave us a chance to sled, build a snowman, fish and jump on the trampoline all within the course of the long weekend. Thanks for a fun weekend Nina and Papa!

Monday, May 12, 2008

A tribute to Pops

Monday evening finds the Copple family playing with Mr. Potato head in Mason's room. Mason fondly calls Mr. Potato head "Pops" because of his mustache. We decided to pay tribute to Pops by each taking a turn wearing a mustache. Mr. C looks a bit goofy, but it is very difficult trying to get an almost 1 year old to cooperate with wearing a mustache. I guess I look a bit goofy myself considering I am a girl with a mustache. There are just too many boys in my house I suppose. You would also think I would put flattering pictures of myself on the web....but that just wouldn't be very fun to look at would it? :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

I realized that Ben and I seem to be the ones missing from our blog so here are pictures of us from Mother's Day out for a boat ride on my folk's lake. I had a wonderful day thanks to my great husband and 2 amazing boys! I am blessed!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mason and Cameron take a dip.

The boys weren't too cooperative with posing for pics, but they sure have fun in Nina and Papa's spa. They really enjoy floating in their boats. In the first picture Mason is looking through his swim mask that he refuses to wear.

World's strongest Cameron

Mason hops on Mr. C's jeep for a ride. If anyone has ever watched the World's Strongest Man competitions on ESPN this reminded me of one of the events. Cameron "Magnus" Copple powers forward in his jeep with 32 pounds of dead weight riding along! We are going to start working with Magnus on keg tossing soon! :)