Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Splish Splash

Summer Fun

Ben and P Diddy

Katie and Noah in the grotto

Porter and Sarah

Mason the fish!

While Nina and Papa are away on their summer travels we have taken over their house and love to throw pool parties! Here are a few pictures from this past party weekend! Don't worry Papa....we did not drink the bottle of wine that you put a label on reading "DO NOT DRINK THIS BOTTLE OF WINE!" We got quite a good laugh out of it and decided to drink all of the rest of your liquor instead!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This one is for you GG!!!

Cameron Incognito

Who could the baby underneath the red dish towel be???? Why it is Mr. C! Our precious boy is quite the truck! He loves to put things over his head and crawl around, not minding a bit if he runs into a wall head first! Hopefully he will be walking soon. He is close but lacks the confidence to take independent steps without a finger or furniture to hold on to. Another update on Cameron is that we have 2 new lower teeth popping thru. Enjoy this video!

Golf in the front yard

Mason is quite the little golfer! It makes Daddy very happy. We are hoping we have Tiger #2 on our hands! Cameron is just content to try and eat the golf clubs. Do you think Cameron has a future in being big brother's caddy? I guess it is a possibility if he can keep the clubs out of his mouth!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

An outing to Dick's sporting goods

A new sporting goods store opened by our house so we made our way over there on Sunday to check it out. Mason was overwhelmed with all of the different sporting items. Here we find him with a catcher's helmet on. He also wanted to golf, play tennis, play basketball and ride skateboards. I have a feeling we are going to be very busy with activities when Mason gets a bit older.

Cameron's 1st haircut

It was a big day for Mr. C. He got his first haircut. As you can see he was not to thrilled with the actual hair cutting process. He cried the entire time. All of my baby boys little curls are gone but I think he is quite handsome with his new big boy haircut.

4th of July at the cabin

Mason helping Mom rake up pine needles....there are lots of them!
Mason next to a tree wearing his favorite fishing hat. Papa has put 2 fishing flys onto Mason's hat. Their names are Guido and Luigi.
Mr. C and Mason taking a moment to pose for a picture.
All the boys!

Dancing with GG

GG spent a few days with us and the boys had a ton of fun! Here is Mason dancing with GG! GG we miss you...come back soon.