Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mason's Birthday

Crockett and Tubs. Watch out Miami

Cam getting ready for his double back flip dismount!

Gabriel and Mason

Mason's b-day party at Pioneers Gymnastics Academy.

September 2010

Mason's bow and arrow.
Swimming shark brothers.

Shark brothers. Sharks are another of our favorite things in the Copple house.

This captures Cameron well

Nina and Mason at Laslow's for his birthday dinner

Look....I did it again!

Mason is now 6. Can't believe how time flies!
My Sonic the Hedgehog cake for Mason's birthday. I love fondant!

We are avid frog hunters at our house. I found this guy while mowing the yard.

Mason and Cameron'e masterpiece....a snake cake!

Following in their mom's footsteps. Ace of cakes at work.

More fun family moments.

Look...I actually posted!

Arrrrrrrhhhhhh me hardies!
Cameron holding baby Reese (Jeff and Trisha's little one)

Mason and Reese

Woody....is that you?

That is a frog on Mason's finger

It has been way too long. Here are some of my favorite moments from the past few months. Enjoy!