Sunday, June 22, 2008

Traveling musician

Mason would like to dedicate Row Row Row Your Boat to Grammers since she taught him how to sing the song when he was just a little boy.

Vanilla Pudding!

Unlike his older brother, Cameron is hellbent on feeding himself. Here we find Cameron eating one of his new favorite foods....vanilla pudding. I guess that there is not much he doesn't like at this pont. I was cracking up during the whole pudding event!

Some fun pics

Just like Papa!
Now the box is a motorcycle helmet!
Mr. C in the meadow.

Picasso Mason and Mr. C

Cameron and Mason having fun painting!

To the moon!

The cardboard box from a toy Cameron received for his birthday has become one of Mason's favorite things to play with. In this video it is his space suit. What an imagination!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Girls Night

The girls recently hit the town. It is amazing what a feat this

is for us all to coordinate our schedules to find a night to get together. It was so fun to see everyone. Can't wait for the next event with you all!

Cameron is 1!

Here are a few pictures of the birthday boy enjoying his cake. Notice him reaching for Mason's cupcake too!

The Cake

Now that I said I couldn't get pictures to upload, the picture of the cake finally figures. Anyway, this is the cake I decorated for Cameron's birthday. This year I even had it finished well before guests started to arrive for the party. Black icing makes for some funny looking teeth but it was sure yummy!

Blog problems

I have been trying and trying to get pictures up of Cameron's birthday and my girls night out with no luck. I will keep working on it....until then sorry for the disappointment for the lack of new photos.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rice and beans are yummy!

We went and had dinner at a local Mexican restaurant and luckily I had the camera to capture how excited Cameron got about rice and beans. Cameron will pretty much eat anything! Mason on the other had had to be convinced for at least 5 minutes that beans were ok to eat! He was really having a hard time with the fact that his 'cheesey' (quesadilla) has some rice on it.

Swim lessons and Cameron eating grass

Here are some pics of Mason in his swim class. We have been going to class every night since last week. He is officially a 'shrimp'! His report card from the class read..."Although easily distracted, Mason was not afraid to try new things"

Mr. C was taking swim lessons as well but we sat out of the pool the last night to watch big brother swim. Cameron was quite pleased to eat grass rather than swim.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sponge Cameron, Mason, Chanda and Nina Square Pants!

We were up at Nina ans Papa's cabin over the holiday weekend. All I will say is that the air is quite thin in the mountains!

Mr. C and Mr.P

C and P had a chance to hang out on Saturday and they had lots of fun. We are so glad that the Duperes came for a visit!